Health Safety

Our purpose;
Parallel to our mission to “enhance the health and the life quality of society”, we continuously develop our activities to facilitate a healthier and safer working environment for our employees. Occupational Health and Safety is the top priority in every field of activity of our company, which is reflected in our slogan “No work is urgent or important enough to put a human’s health and safety in danger.” One of our most crucial targets is to protect all our employees and the area we operate against potential risks caused by our business branch.

Accordingly, we:
  • + Adopt the minimum standards regarding the Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety legislations as well as the Mikrolink Procedures,

  • + Conduct activities to raise awareness of all our employees and suppliers about Environment and Occupational Health & Safety,

  • + Manage risks related to environment and occupational health and safety when planning the changes to existing investments or new investments,

  • + Prevent potential risks that may cause work accidents, injuries and diseases by conducting risk analyses at work,

  • + Anticipate potential future challenges, develop continuously and review the status quo by considering the development of the industrial world.

We regularly monitor and evaluate the performances of our business partners as well as our own activities when setting our targets based on the aforementioned principles. We consider sustainable and permanent improvements in the environment and Occupational Health and Safety as a responsibility of all Mikrolink employees and declare that the measures we take are publicly available.

Mikrolink, considers the quality of the service that it renders in wide fields of application of telecommunication and network systems. Our reliability and customer satisfaction are keys to our success and continuity. Thus, we have been continuously developing our system while providing top quality as a policy.

The purpose of this policy is so that necessary services are provided in the most efficient, cost-effective way, on time, and that customer demands and expectations are completely met with the participation of all the employees, especially our top management, for a long-term and successful cooperation to provide the highest customer satisfaction.

OUR INTEGRATED SYSTEM POLICY is to comply with Integrated System, environment and safety rules in all phases of our services by paying the most attention to human health and waste management. To prevent environmental damage, we use all of our resources in parallel with these purposes. Furthermore, our policy is to always be fair and honest to the institutions, subcontractors, customers and working personnel which we do business with.

Furthermore, to take measures that will prevent faults and nonconformities by determining critical points in the service period, provide continuity in Integrated System with efficient corrective actions in potential problems, reflecting contemporary implementations to the Integrated System by following sectoral developments, pay attention to team study in all of our activities and provide high motivation, making internal and external communications for Environment and Safety and to comply with Current Legislation and Regulations completely.