Quality Policy

We are focused on providing our customers with superior quality service while protecting our employees and the environment we live in. To achieve this, we have implemented an integrated management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22301 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards.

Our quality management system is based on the following policies and commitments:

Our policy is,
  • + To provide the necessary training for our employees and other employees to safely perform the tasks assigned to them in a safe working environment,

  • + To perform our services in a way that prevents environmental pollution,

  • + To comply with the legislation, regulations, and application rules in the regions where we operate,

  • + To meet the expectations of our customers the first time and every time.

What we commit,
  • + To protect the health and safety of our employees,

  • + To protect the environment in which the societies in which we operate and live exist,

  • + To meet the needs and expectations of our customers,

  • + To continuously improve our health, safety, environment, and quality performance.

The path we will follow is in line with these aims.
  • + To determine our HSE (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality) performance criteria, to communicate them to the stakeholders, and to monitor them,

  • + To provide our employees with the resources (training, equipment, and support) they need to perform their duties safely and efficiently,

  • + We audit our integrated management systems every year,

  • + We regularly review our policies, procedures, and processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

Integrated Management System Policy

MIKROLINK IT sees the quality, reliability and customer satisfaction of the service it provides in the wide application areas of telecommunication and network systems as the keys to its success and continuity. For this, it has adopted as a policy the continuous improvement and quality of the system it has established. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction for a long-term and successful cooperation with all employees, especially the top management. With the participation of all employees, especially the top management, the necessary services are met in the most efficient, health and safety conscious, cost effective, timely manner.


  • + To ensure that our quality, occupational health and safety, environmental, information security, and business continuity management cover all relevant laws, regulations, customer specifications, and other standards in all of our business functions,

  • + To continuously improve its performance by periodically reviewing its system in line with self-improving quality, occupational health and safety, and environmental, information security, and business continuity targets,

  • + To prevent environmental pollution, occupational diseases, and occupational accidents by taking occupational health and safety and environmental risks and hazards under control by creating an environment-friendly occupational health and safety awareness and making it effective in all our company functions and organizations,

  • + To ensure the continuity of environmentally friendly service and production by reducing the use of energy and resources in a positive way,

  • + To continuously create a corporate culture that includes occupational health and safety and environmental processes and to inform employees about their responsibilities in this regard,

  • + To always be fair and honest towards the institutions and organisations we work with, our subcontractors and suppliers, our customers, and our employees,

  • + To protect information security and confidentiality in all our activities,

  • To reduce our business continuity to the shortest possible time,

  • + To always do the right thing and to increase the competitive power of the company with continuous improvement,

  • + To identify critical points in the service process, to take preventive measures for errors and nonconformities, and to ensure continuity in the Integrated System with effective corrective actions for possible problems,

  • + Following sectoral developments, we are incorporating modern practises into our integrated management system,

  • + To keep teamwork as a basis in all our activities and to provide high motivation.

  • + It is our main commitment to communicate effectively with all relevant parties within the scope of quality, the environment, occupational safety, information security, and business continuity.

All Mikrolink employees are responsible for working faithfully to our policies and commitments.