Mobile BTS (COW)

Mikrolink offers mobile BTS (COW) solutions suitable for customer needs with its nearly quarter-century of experience.

Meeting the immediate needs of mobile consumers is one of the most crucial problems that needs an affordable and quick answer for mobile carriers tasked with providing uninterrupted service. Suitable for emergencies, concerts, poor coverage, etc. Mobile base stations, which are used to ensure uninterrupted communication in certain situations, are state-of-the-art solutions that meet all kinds of coverage needs. With its various mobile BTS options, Mikrolink offers a wide range of products, including panel vans, truck cabins, knitted or pneumatic tower systems on caravans, and towable caravan vehicles.

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Mikrolink carries out all mobile base station (COW) operations of telecom operators with its expert staff without compromising ISG standards in Turkey and around the world.

Mobile BTS (COW) Units Usage Areas:

  • • Events (concerts, launches, sports organisations, etc.)
  • • Natural disasters
  • • Military Communication Requirements
  • • Locations with and without poor coverage
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