Zero Trust Application Access sayTRUST VPSC

  • + Top-Secret Development Environment
  • + Top-Secret Video Conferencing
  • + Top-Secret Board Meetings
  • + Top-Secret On-Line Training Facility
  • + Cyber Range
  • + SCADA Secure Maintenance
sayTRUST VPSC Secure Access "Virtual Private Secure Communication" is a ground breaking new generation communication technology which is providing secure access to corporate networks over encrypted keys and certificates.

Unlike VPN technology, security mechanisms start before communication establishment, that is, before the tunnel is opened. Connecting device is not a direct part of the network and does not store information (certificates and passwords) on the device or system at the time of connection.

Defence in Depth protects system communication and network thanks to interlocking security processes. In this way, both data and the entire Network are protected at the highest level. This eight-layer defence system minimizes security risks and prevents potential threats from outside
VPSC solution consists of a security appliance, USB-Stick, SD card or mobile application. Choice of USB Device with two-factor authentication (2FA) or three-factor authentication (3FA).

Thus, the user can work with high security from any computer he wants, without installing any software (Real Plug-and-Play and zero installation). There is no trace or data left on the computer or on the Internet connection and nothing to be read later.

Safety for the user should be easy and inconspicuous. The user interface of the sayTRUST VPSC is designed on this principle. The most important advantage for users and IT-staff is that they can significantly reduce the installation, commissioning, support and maintenance burden, and they can provide high secure access from any point and with the device they want, regardless of the software that needs to be constantly updated, device and office environment.
  • + Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • + Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • + Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)
  • + Container / Kubernetes Security
  • + Hardware Based Security
  • + Identity Based Granular Access Microsegmentation
  • + Browser Isolation
  • + Secure Large File Share
  • + DevSecOps
  • + Same-day investment protection and cost reduction
  • + Theoretical unlimited capacity, licensing and scale out model
  • + Flexible integration options, compliant components, easy firmware updates