Job Health Security

Our aim:
In line with our mission of "improving public health and quality of life", we are constantly improving our activities to provide a healthier and safer working environment for our employees. Occupational health and safety (OHS) is one of our highest priorities at the centre of our company's field of activity. Our motto is a reflection of this: "No job is so urgent or important as to endanger a person's health and safety." Our most important goal is to protect all our employees and the area we operate in against potential risks arising from our line of business.

  • + We carry out activities with the aim of increasing the awareness of all our employees and suppliers on Environment and Occupational Health and Safety,

  • + Manages risks related to the environment and occupational health and safety while planning changes or new investments in existing investments,

  • + Prevents potential risks that may lead to occupational accidents, injuries, and diseases by conducting risk analyse in the workplace,

  • + We anticipate potential problems that may arise in the future, constantly improve ourselves and review the current situation in the light of developments in the industrial world.

While determining our targets in line with the principles mentioned above, we regularly monitor and evaluate our own activities as well as the performance of our business partners. We consider sustainable and permanent improvements in the field of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety as the responsibility of all Mikrolink employees and declare that our related activities are open to public information.

Mikrolink considers the quality, reliability and customer satisfaction of the services it provides within its wide usage areas on telecommunication and network systems as the keys to its success and continuity. That's why we have adopted the policy of continually improving our system by ensuring the highest level of quality.

The purpose of this policy is to provide the required services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner and on time; meeting the demands and expectations of customers with the participation of all employees, especially senior management, and thus achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by establishing long-term and successful collaborations.