Mikrolink Acquires 50% of the Shaxon Industry, Based in the United States

Mikrolink, which has been in the business of information technology and digital systems since 2000, is now expanding as a global system integrator. Mikrolink expands its sphere of influence by providing end-to-end solutions that focus on people and technology to its customers, who benefit from local resources, global experience, and high-quality solutions. Having many leading GSM companies in its portfolio in Turkey and around the world, and always putting innovation, sustainability, and quality at the forefront of the services it provides, the company recently added a new one to its global investments by purchasing 50% of the shares of Shaxon Industry, based in America.
Shaxon Industry, headquartered in California, USA, was founded in 1978 and is a manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics, plant cabling products, fibre optic components, SFPS and specialty cables, computer cables, audio/video cables, connectors, audio, data, and similar products. It holds a significant market share in the United States. Shaxon's goal of expanding its retail power by bringing the best quality products at affordable and accessible prices in the consumer electronics category to consumers in the United States stands out as the most significant point of intersection with Mikrolink, which will operate in the retail sector for the first time.

Mikrolink, which has increased its service diversity by purchasing the German company sayTEC in the field of information technologies, is now getting ready to make a difference in the American market by combining its innovative approach with the wide product range of Shaxon it has incorporated. Mikrolink, continuing its global investments in the coming periods, has both the potential and ambition to be one of the important players in the American market.