Mikrolink is Still Expanding in UK

As a global system integrator, equipment, and material supplier operating in the UK, Mikrolink UK is steadily expanding its service capacity in the area.

Mikrolink which has subsidiaries located in various countries across the world which offer solutions of the same standard and quality with its brands following a "global" approach by producing solutions in accordance with the market dynamics of that country.

Mikrolink is among the main contractors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be the most important sports event of this year, and continues to work in this direction to ensure that communication activities continue without any problems during and after the tournament. Mikrolink will offer telecommunication solutions such as 5G Smart Pole, indoor coverage, and fixed and mobile base stations to ensure high-efficiency communication, applying the most advanced technologies to ensure efficient and quality communication all over the world.

We are Enhancing Network Quality in the UK.

Mikrolink UK, has been working to provide uninterrupted communications, by improving the network coverage quality at hundreds of sites and bringing together the consumers in the region with its solutions in the field of ICT. Explaining how the value-added work Mikrolink UK has done creates a domino effect, Mikrolink Deputy General Manager Doğan Eraslan said, "Our company in the UK has a team of experts to provide solutions and services we offer within our organisation. We brought dynamism to the sector with our work in the region and became one of the companies preferred for the most comprehensive and largest projects. In the mobile network industry, we continue to work on 4G and 5G network modernisation and swap projects with operators and vendors. Our fibre infrastructure work across the country continues in the fixed network. By expanding our ongoing projects in mobile and fixed network infrastructures, we will both follow a determined path towards our strategic goals and continue to add value to the industry”

One of Our Most Seasoned and Specialised Fields is 5G.

Stating that they also offer infrastructure solutions for 5G, the most talked about topic of recent times, Eraslan said, "The maintenance solution partnership field operations we have done in the UK is one of the areas we are most experienced and specialised in. The 5G infrastructures we have established have accelerated the region's transition to 5G and ensured new living standards have been reached as soon as possible."

Plan to Increase Our Brand's Visibility in the UK.

Eraslan "Mikrolink UK" continues his speech by outlining the company's objectives and long-term ambition before outlining a visionary course that involves increasing its brand's visibility in the area. “With our work on turnkey data centre projects, IT infrastructure projects, unique communication network projects, and material and equipment procurement projects, we will establish ourselves in the near future”, he added.